Carol D. Sexton, M.D., P.S.

Our Practice

            Carol D. Sexton, M.D., P.S. was founded in 2010 by Carol Sexton, MD.

Carol D. Sexton, MD maintains a collaborative approach with telephone patient financial and psychiatric screening, psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy (behavioral, cognitive, dialectic, psycho-dynamic, experiential), medication management, and psychiatric education.   Our treatment team seeks the highest level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for ourselves and our patients.  We utilize the lowest effective dose of medication and the least effective number of medications with the hope to taper and discontinue medications when possible.  We maximize the quality of personal self-care, interpersonal relationships, and professional relationships.  We minimize behaviors that interfere with our serenity.   We work in collaboration with patients, primary care physicians, other physician specialists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, mental health professionals, and chemical dependency professionals. 

We address self-care issues, emotional defenses, communication patterns, relationship difficulties, and addictive behaviors (street drug use and abuse, prescription drug use and abuse, eating disorders, nicotine addiction, alcohol use and abuse, gambling disorders, as well as work, relationship, isolation, computer, spending and sexual behavioral patterns) as a part of our psychiatric practice. 

We have a "no smoking" policy for office and professional staff.  Patients who do not wish to stop smoking or chewing tobacco as part of their psychiatric care plan will not be approved for our practice. 

We strive to be earth friendly, utilizing an electronic health record and Web FAX.


Carol D. Sexton, MD
Carol D. Sexton, MD earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medicine from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, LA in 1976. She graduated from carolLouisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, LA in 1980. She completed her Internship at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle in 1981 and her Anesthesiology residency in 1983. She practiced anesthesia for five years before transitioning to a nine year career in psychotherapy and psychiatric education. She has lived in Spokane, WA since 1990. She successfully completed her psychiatry residency at the University of Washington-Spokane Track in January 2010. Dr. Sexton is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She passed her written psychiatry boards in May of 2010 and her oral psychiatry boards in June of 2011.

Dr.  Sexton was a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences for the University of Washington and enjoyed working with the psychiatry residents of the University of Washington Psychiatry Residency--Spokane Track.  She was privileged to work with the Family Medicine Residency at Fifth & Brown Clinic.

Dr. Sexton is a member of the Spokane County Medical Society and the Washington State Medical Association.    She is actively involved in promoting physician and physician family health and wellness in Washington State.

Our Office Staff

Our professional and courteous Office Staff assist you with your initial financial and practice policy telephone screen, arrange for your psychiatric telephone screen with Dr. Sexton, schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments with Dr. Sexton, schedule appointments to view our psychiatric educational materials, discuss billing and payment concerns, assist with prescription refills, manage our office library, take messages from current patients and present your concerns to Dr. Sexton during the business day, take vital signs, manage our electonic medical records, and facilitate requests for release of medical record information.

Occasionally our usual Office Staff are on vacation or require time away from our office. When needed, our "on call" Office Staff are present at our office to answer the telephone, manage email and FAX messages, give messages to Dr. Sexton, facilitate basic scheduling, and provide more limited patient care for scheduled appointments. We appreciate your understanding when our usual Office Staff are unavailable.

Basic Appointment and Financial Policies

  • Patients are expected to pay all co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance consistent with their insurance plan prior to their appointment with Dr. Sexton. 
  • Self-pay patients are expected to pay with cash, check, VISA, Master Card, or Discover Card prior to their appointment with Dr. Sexton. 
  • We offer no payment plans. 
  • Dependent adults are expected to provide a written guarantee from a parent, guardian, or friend in order to receive psychiatric care. 
  • Please review our complete No Show, Cancellation, and Late Fee Policy listed on a later page (PRACTICE POLICIES) of this website.
  • Dr. Sexton recommends patients plan to schedule psychiatric appointments at the minimum of every 90 days to ensure appropriate medication management and psychotherapy.
  • Former patients who have not appeared for a scheduled appointment for the previous 12 months will be considered a "prospective new patient" and will be required to complete the new patient application process before being scheduled for a new appointment..

How to Schedule An Appointment With Carol D. Sexton, M.D.

  • The patient will telephone our office to begin the process to receive psychiatric care at our office.  A parent or a family member of a prospective patient may call our Office Staff to provide insurance information or request additional information about our psychiatric practice. 
  • Please telephone our office staff at 509-414-5050 during regular business hours (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9 AM - Noon and 1 - 5 PM during Fall, Winter, and Spring; Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM - Noon  and 1 - 5 PM during Summer ) or leave us a non-urgent voice-mail to begin the process of becoming our patient.  Our Office Staff will return your call ASAP during regular office hours. 
  • Our office staff will first complete your financial screen (complete name, birth date, insurance card information, current address, current telephone numbers, current email address available), and then will discuss basic office policies (PRACTICE POLICIES) with you
  • Our staff will then verify your insurance benefits, determine expected co-pays, co-insurance, and deductible expenses, and then telephone you to discuss that information.  Our Billing Manager is usually in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Some insurance policies are difficult to explore and it may take up to one week for us to verify your insurance information.  Please feel free to check back with us by telephone if you think we have lost you in this increasingly more difficult process.
  • If your parent, guardian, or friend will be paying or guaranteeing payment for your psychiatric care, you will need to provide that person's full name, birthdate, email address, mailing address, and contact telephone numbers so our Office Staff may mail, email, or FAX them a Patient Guarantor Form (View/Download PDF).  No psychiatric telephone screen will be performed by Dr. Sexton until all financial questions and concerns have been addressed and the Patient Guarantor has returned their signed form to our office by mail, FAX, or email attachment.
  • Once financial and basic policy considerations have been resolved between the patient and our Office Staff, Dr. Sexton will complete a 15 minute no charge telephone psychiatric screen with the patient.  Dr. Sexton  completes telephone psychiatric screens as soon as possible after your financial screen, but successful return calls may take as long as a week due to scheduling conflicts and managing everyone's busy schedules. 
  • If you and Dr. Sexton determine that you are a good therapeutic fit for our psychiatric practice, Dr. Sexton will schedule your initial 90 minute appointment for your psychiatric evaluation.  It may take two weeks or more to fit your appointment into our schedule.  We appreciate your patience.

Before Your First Appointment

  • After  Dr. Sexton schedules your initial appointment for psychiatric evaluation, our office staff will email, FAX, or mail you Intake paperwork (Basic Information, Courtesy Policy, Personal Medical History, Family Medical History, Family Psychiatric History,  Current Medical Symptoms, Mental Health Function Screen, and Mental Health Symptom Screen and Insomnia Screen) for you to complete prior to your initial appointment.  Please bring these completed forms with you to your psychiatric evaluation appointment.
  • Please write down a list of your current medical and psychiatric prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements and bring this list to your first appointment.  Please bring all of your medications in a Zip-lock bag with you to your first appointment. 
  • If you think medications may be prescribed, please bring your home pharmacy information (name of pharmacy, pharmacy address, and pharmacy telephone number).
  • Please write down the name, address, and telephone numbers of any physicians and specialists you routinely see so we may better coordinate your care. 

Your First Appointment

  • Office Staff will collect appropriate co-pays, deductibles, at co-insurance payments when you arrive for your initial appointment..
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early for your psychiatric evaluation appointment in order to complete your basic office paperwork (Primary Care Physician, Specialist, Hospital, and PAML Release of Information) and several additional written psychiatric screens (Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorders). 
  • Please bring your completed admission paperwork, your insurance card, and your driver's license, passport, or picture ID with current address to your first appointment as we must verify your identity due to "Red Flag" regulations.  If your driver's license address is not your current address, please bring a post-marked envelope verifying your name with your current address.
  • Our Office Staff will take a digital picture for our electronic medical record which we will use to verify your identify for future visits.
  • Please expect our office staff to take vital signs including height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation at each appointment. 

Follow Up Appointments

  • Office Staff will collect appropriate co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance payments when you arrive for your follow-up appointment.. 
  • Office Staff will take vital signs every appointment unless you see us weekly.  Then our office staff will take vital signs on a monthly basis.  "On call" Office Staff do not take vital signs. 
  • Office Staff will provide your with written paperwork (Insomnia Scale, Function Screen, Symptom Screen) which will facilitate your 50 minute follow-up visit with Dr. Sexton. 
  • Please ask our Office Staff to email you copies of Follow Up Appointment paperwork to expedite your office visits. 
  • Consider making a list of any questions or problems you wish to resolve during your 50 minute follow-up appointment with Dr. Sexton to ensure the highest patient-provider satisfaction for your visit.
  •  Dr. Sexton's expects to see her patients at least every 90 days in order to maintain a good therapeutic relationship and to ensure  medications are working properly.